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      Simply, I gather objects of both obvious and obscure beauty, and arrange them into an emotion. Each object holds its own story. Often, that story is apparent and usable, but occasionally the story must be rewritten. As with everything in life, context is critical. By adjusting and arranging, I attempt to extract subdued beauty or create it from whole cloth. If done correctly, the beauty of the collective can be far more than the sum of its parts. Whether I use a 1960's advertising trinket or a 200 yr. old religious relic, the goal is always the same: to have the viewer of the image skip a beat.     

     Theories on the arranging and positioning of objects and their effects on human emotion have been around for thousands of years. Studies in garden design, Feng Shu and even body language have all shown that positioning and context are an important part of the human experience.   

       It is my goal to find just the right combination of shapes, colors, textures and scale to evoke emotion or turn a smile. That is when the art has served its purpose.   



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