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Where can we buy your photographs?

Photographs can be bought directly from this site and will be sent from St. Louis, MO. Each piece of original art is handled individually. We will try accommodate any shipping requirement. Feel free to email to discuss payment or shipping and handling. 

What type of paper and ink is used for your work?


All prints are made with archival ink on Hahnemuhle 100% cotton archival paper. Hahnemuhle is a paper company that has been around since 1584. Due to their outstanding production quality, our printer was the first in St. Louis to be a certified Hahnemuhle  collaborator.  

 Do you do commission work?                

Depends on the project. Though most of my work is created then sold, the unique collection of objects I have access to makes this a realistic challenge. If given project parameters, I can determine whether or not I am a fit for the work and name a more specific price.  

Do you work with other photographers?

Again, it depends on the project. There are a few photographers that I would love to help create some art with, but generally this type of photography is a solitary art.  

Are prints shipped worldwide? 

Yes. UPS insured postage is generally used and all prints are shipped from St. Louis, MO. We will ship to anywhere as long as the package can be tracked and delivery can be confirmed. Contact directly to discuss shipping and handling options.  

What type of payment are accepted?


We accept: personal checks, money orders, wire transfers, PayPal,  Visa and  Mastercard. Of course the clearance of funds must be confirmed prior to shipping.

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